Seedy Saturday 2019

Saturday March 30th 2019

10am - 4pm

Dublin Street United Church

Buy & Trade Seeds ~ Get Inspired ~ Connect With Kindred Spirits

Featuring: Community exhibits that promote nature connection; sustainable gardening practices; and sustainable seeds.

Vendors for 2019

City of Guelph’s Community Gardens Program
Do you love gardening? Are you looking for a way to get outdoors, connect with nature and
make new friends? Are you interested in growing your own fresh organic vegetables but
don’t have the space on your own property?

There is a network of over 20 community gardens in Guelph where you can volunteer to
grow food for charity, register for a plot to grow your own fresh food or do both. You can get
involved by:
  • Joining an existing garden
  • Starting a new community garden in your neighbourhood
  • Making a donation to a garden
Anything Grows
 Anything Grows offers a selection of over 500 varieties of unusual, heirloom and
organic vegetable and flower seeds. We also promote sprouting and microgreen growing and
consuming and sell organic bulk seeds and seed mixes and supplies.

Seeds of IMBOLC
I offer only organically grown, non-GMO, non hybrid varieties that are grown right here in Wellington County, Ontario. I am dedicated to offering you locally grown Canadian seeds and plants, open pollinated and/or time-tested fabulous outstanding heirlooms, especially chosen for home gardeners, based on great flavour and exceptional garden performance. We are new – watch for more varieties being added as we go! Thanks for your patience and support!

Pollination Guelph
Pollination Guelph is a group of individuals dedicated to the conservation and development of pollinator habitat for current and future generations. We promote awareness and understanding of the role of pollinators in achieving local and global environmental sustainability goals and showcase pollinator projects that are a model for citizens and communities throughout Canada and internationally.

Arthur Greenhouses
Arthur Greenhouses, Nursery and Market Garden grows and sells everything you need in your garden from seeds, bulbs, bedding plants, herbs to shrubs and fruit trees. Come and meet us at Seedy Saturday or visit us in Arthur to see our wonderful selection.

Enfleurage Organics 
Enfleurage Orgnics is owned by a cancer survivor who is passionate about offering clean products in order to help clean up the world we live in and improve one’s health. We sell:
Certified Organic bar soaps & shampoo; USDA Organic Argan oil; Shea butter; Sheagan; Lip Works. Deodorants that are aluminum free, made with organic ingredients; Soaps that are not Certified but made with organic ingredients; Natural Hydrosols; Muscle rub (great for gardeners)

Backyard Seed Savers
We are Local seed saving enthusiasts. Specializing in regenerative landscaping practices, for homeowners and small farms. Seeding change one garden at a time.

Earth Alive/Root Rescue
Certified Organic Plant Growth Aids. Our unique products use beneficial fungi, bacteria and other soil microbes to help crops perform at their best – and help heal the soil.  

Youth Climate Change Action Group
A new organization to engage youth in Guelph on the issue of climate change and possible actions,  which is kicking off its introduction at Seedy Saturday event March 30, 2019.

U-Bud Cannabis Services
U-Bud Cannabis Services offers everything you need to successfully grow cannabis at home legally and safely. Whether for medical or recreational purposes, you will be able to successfully grow your weed at home for a fraction of the price of buying through government channels. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Guelph-Wellington Master Gardeners
Certified horticultural experts provide sustainable gardening information on a volunteer basis. Activities include
* advice clinics
* public information sessions
* seminars, workshops and events
* newspaper articles and public lectures

Yorklands Green Hub
Yorklands Green Hub aims to create for Ontario’s public domain a self-sustaining education, demonstration, and research hub at the former Ontario Reformatory site in Guelph, Ontario.
We seek community support for keeping this 70 acres of meadows, wetlands, streams and ponds as a public park and educational showcase for urban agriculture, water and wetland ecology and renewable energy. This shared space will be used for research, for learning, for growing and gardening as we steward the environment toward sustainability at this pollination park.

The University of Guelph Arboretum
The Arboretum is a 165 hectare green space located near the geographic centre of the City of Guelph.  Several kilometres of trails wind through diverse plant collections, naturals woodlands, formal gardens and provincially-significant wetlands.  With a mandate focused on biodiversity, plant conservation and ecological restoration, the Arboretum is a wonderful place to learn about the natural world, and being open to the public, year-round, free-of-charge, everyone is welcome to come and explore. 

Gourmet Gardens
Gourmet Gardens is a full-service vegetable gardening company. We will install, plant, and maintain your vegetable patch to keep it supplying you with fresh produce just steps out your back door all season long. We do not use any chemical sprays, pesticides, or fertilizers in our services and do our best to organically source our seeds and seedlings. This also includes never using any GMO plants/seeds.

Sunfire Herbals
Sunfire Herbals creates small-batch, local, organic and wildcrafted healing botanicals.  Herbal CSA shares, locally grown herbs and herbal products, beeswax tealights, fibre, soap are available.

Ecosystems Canada
We are manufacturers and exporters of Cocopeat products and Coir Geotextil

Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds
Hawthorn Farm produces certified organic, farm selected, open-pollinated, vegetable, herb, and flower seed in Central Ontario. Certified organic by Pro-Cert since 1996, Hawthorn Farm started as most independent seed companies do, on a kitchen table with a single page printed catalogue filled by a handful of offerings. With over a decade of growing, selecting and saving organic seeds, we now have hundreds of exciting and tasty offerings. In addition, we work to support the seed community by hosting workshops and educational tours on our farm.  We are passionate about seed, and believe strongly that access to high quality seed grown for Canadians in Canada to the best of our abilities helps to build a more secure resilient food system.

Drumlin Farm
Drumlin Farm is a local vegetable grower who provides CSA to the local community.